Boat Building Academy Short Course Programme 2016

21 August 2015

Learn new skills or enhance your existing knowledge.

The programme offers courses ranging from three to five days and covers specific skill areas, such as Basic Woodworking and Introduction to Boat Building. Courses are intensive and ‘hands-on’, offering the opportunity to:

  • Develop practical skills
  • Get specific advice for a project
  • Take a hobby to a new level
  • Use as a ‘taster’ before committing to a longer course
  • Spend a few days by the sea in interesting surroundings learning something new

You can either take one course, or a series of courses - which is useful for those unable to join the longer 38 week course or if you want to just want to take on a range of skills.

Download the Short Course 2016 programme here.

Find out more on the Boat Building Academy website.

Source:, Summer 2015.  Image: Becky Joseph.

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