New report highlights importance of Marine and Maritime Cultural Heritage

14 October 2015

Need for greater recognition of social and economic benefits.

The contribution of marine and maritime cultural heritage should receive greater attention and be joined up with the wider evidence base on the social and economic importance of the historic environment, a new report published in September 2015 is arguing. 

The report, The Social and Economic Benefits of Marine and Maritime Cultural Heritage, initiated by the former British Academy & Honor Frost Foundation Steering Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage – looks at the social and economic benefits of the UK’s marine and maritime cultural heritage.

Although maritime heritage is tremendously rich and already has a big impact, the Report argues that its overall contribution is largely unrecognised.  The report is therefore the first study to examine how the UK’s marine and maritime cultural heritage could be better harnessed and enhanced.

For more information see the Honor Frost Foundation website

Taken from Heritage Alliance: Heritage Update, Issue 310, October 2015

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