Museums can change lives!

24 November 2016

How the Scottish Maritime Museum is training volunteers in boat building. 

The Museums Association's Museums Change Lives campaign wants to demonstrate the social impact of museums.

They include the Scottish Maritime Museum’s Scottish Boat Building School, working with local volunteers, including young offenders and long-term unemployed people to provide transferable skills that can lead to jobs.

A series of films commissioned by the Museums Association (MA) demonstrating how museums are changing lives have been released this week on the MA’s website and YouTube channel.

Sharon Heal, the MA’s director, said: “We commissioned these films because we wanted to show the high quality of socially engaged practice that is taking place throughout the UK.

“We know from our research that many museums are working with their communities to make a real difference and this is demonstrated in the interviews with museum staff and the public.

“I hope the films will be an inspiration for more museums to work in this way.”

Watch the Scottish Maritime Museum’s Scottish Boat Building School, video here.



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