Are you looking for an experienced professional crew member to fill a seasonal gap? Are you a trained individual seeking work on a traditional vessel? Would you like to sail a different type of historic vessel to broaden your skills and knowledge?

Welcome to the Shipshape Crew Bank, set up to:

  • advertise short-term crew opportunities in traditional seamanship to experienced professionals;
  • enable potential crew members to publicise their availability;
  • and facilitate the organisation of a ‘crew swap’, allowing individuals to sail on different types of historic vessels for short periods to develop their skills.

It is free to enter your details in the crew bank, advertise a professional crew opportunity or request a crew swap.

Please note: advertised crew opportunities will be automatically removed after the closing date.  The crew bank will be publicised via our associated social media networks and details may also be circulated to our mailing lists (over 2,000 specialist contacts) or published in our eNewsletter.  If you are responding to an advert, please email the relevant contact using the details provided and do not send your application to the Shipshape Network address as we will be unable to process it. However, we would be pleased to hear your feedback on any successful outcomes.

For other professional crew jobs, visit the ASTO website.

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