National Historic Ships UK has published a three volume series entitled Understanding Historic Vessels which provides guidance on conserving, recording and deconstructing vessels.

Conserving Historic Vessels (Volume 3)

A richly illustrated 200 page printed publication designed to explain the key principles behind conservation, which will help specialists and non-specialists alike develop an understanding of their project, its significance and the most appropriate conservation route to adopt in each circumstance.

Available for sale directly from National Historic Ships UK - discounted copies (30%) for owners of vessels on the National Registers can be purchased by cheque only. Email:

Please make cheques payable to the 'National Maritime Museum' and send to National Historic Ships UK, c/o The National Maritime Museum, Park Row, Greenwich, London, SE10 9NF.

Copies can also be purchased from the Royal Museums Greenwich online shop or the Old Gaffers Association website.

Recording & Deconstructing Historic Vessels (Volumes 1&2)

These volumes are available in downloadable form. They were commissioned by National Historic Ships to help historic vessel owners deal with a number of technical and sustainability issues and users are free to copy them, although we ask that you quote the source if they are reproduced.

Copyright for all publications remains with National Historic Ships UK.

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