Shipshape Hubs

The Shipshape Network has a regional focus encouraging local organisations and individual vessel projects to work together to achieve more. 

Since its launch in 2010, the Network has promoted the key regions of Solent, Mersey, Bristol Channel and Thames Estuary where there is a natural concentration of skills, suppliers and historic vessels. National Historic Ships UK, the government funded body which maintains the Network, is looking for organisations to act as a hub for each region, working with us and the local Shipshape representatives to host activities and draw together relevant groups or individual projects from the local area. 

What are we looking for in a Shipshape Hub?

Each Shipshape Hub is the home of the Network within its region and will be expected to work closely with other providers, representing the combined interests of all Network members.  Organisations wishing to act as hubs will be chosen based on the way in which they meet the following:            


The objectives of each hub must be consistent with the aims of the Shipshape Network and its parent body, National Historic Ships UK 


Hubs must have a sufficiently large infrastructure to act as a leading body for the Network within the region 

Marketing capacity

Hubs will need to undertake promotional activities on behalf of the Network within the regions 


Hubs will be expected to host a minimum of two regional forums per year 


Hubs will be assessed on their current outreach and level of stakeholder interest 

What are the benefits of becoming a Shipshape Hub?

Shipshape Hubs will be prominently featured on the Shipshape Network web pages for the relevant region.  Hubs will be encouraged to use the promotional logos and banners developed for the Network and will receive reciprocal marketing of their activities by National Historic Ships UK.  Becoming a Shipshape Hub will raise the profile of the organisation at a national level. 

Funding for Shipshape Hubs

Shipshape Hubs do not receive any dedicated funding, although National Historic Ships UK will cover the costs of forums held on site which have been agreed with them in advance.  However, Hubs will be expected to provide an on-site meeting room free of charge for Network events. National Historic Ships UK will work with Hubs to support the development of the Network in their region and attract external funding sources for dedicated projects. 

How to become a Shipshape Hub

If you believe you meet the criteria set out above and would like to propose your organisation as a Shipshape Hub for one of the existing Shipshape Regions, please contact: If a regional Network has not yet been set up for your area, it will first be necessary to identify the scope of the existing historic vessel projects, maritime training schemes, skilled craftsmen, facilities and suppliers in your area.  If there appears a sufficient mass to merit the establishment of a new region and associated hub, please get in touch with us at the above email address setting out details of your organisation and a list of other contacts that would comprise the proposed Network.  


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