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The Shipshape Network is supported and initiated by National Historic Ships UK - the official voice for historic vessels in the United Kingdom.  The Network is a nationwide project to bring together historic and high value vessel owners, skilled craftsmen, businesses, heritage organisations, training bodies and all those with an interest in Britain's maritime heritage and ship preservation.

The Network offers a marketing framework and working tool for the sector; providing a dedicated website for users to share information about their maritime projects or conservation schemes.  At the heart of the Network is the National Directory of Skills & Services - an online database giving contact details for practitioners who have worked on boat projects of all types and sizes.

We have also set up seven regional networks - Solent, Thames Estuary, Bristol Channel, Mersey East Anglia Scotland and South West. These have been chosen because they already have a natural concentration of skills and historic vessels, or disused facilities at which a ship preservation site might be founded.  Visit their individual pages to learn more about the projects in each area, search the local Directory or share news items.

The Shipshape Network is about making contacts and forging partnerships.  It will provide opportunities by working together which would not be possible on an individual basis.  We want it to be all-encompassing, so please tell us your ideas on how to expand the concept, or bring your project under the Network umbrella to seek greater funding opportunities.

Region news headlines

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Shipbuilders are recreating a famous Cornish vessel from 1852

A group of shipbuilders are using traditional techniques to recreate a famous Cornish vessel

Historic boats to set sail again

Eastbourne’s historic pleasure boats could soon be back afloat as a working heritage attraction

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