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Shipshape East Anglia (SEA) acts as a focal point bringing together over 50 boat building companies and specialist suppliers across the region, as well as a range of vessels on the National Register of Historic Vessels. The SEA network is focussed around activities at a central hub as part of a Coastal Communities funded scheme, located at the International Boatbuilding Training College (IBTC) Lowestoft, which incorporates facilities from the adjacent Excelsior Trust yard.

There are 98 vessels in this area

There are 59 facilities in this area

There are 65 skills in this area

There are 10 people in this area

Region news headlines

Art on the Hoardings

The old Whisstocks boatyard site in Woodbridge is more than just a building site.

Hanging ‘aboat’ at Henley

IBTC Lowestoft enjoyed a sunny weekend (15-17 July) at the Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Pioneer CK18 Apprentice Opportunity

Apprenticeships and work experience for young people wanting to enter the marine industry.

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