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RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch built 1956 by Robertsons, Dunoon


Trading Wherry built 1898 by Brighton, William, Lake Lothing, Suffolk

National Historic Fleet

Alfred Corry

Norfolk and Suffolk Class built 1893 by Beeching Brothers, Great Yarmouth.

National Historic Fleet


Thames Bawley built 1938 by Aldous & Sons, Brightlingsea


Pilot Cutter built 1924 by Worfolk Bros, Kings Lynn

Baden Powell

Double ended topsand cockler built 1900 by Worfolk, Walter, Kings Lynn


Motor Yacht built 1939 by Smith Brothers, Goole

Broad Ambition

Broads Sailing Cruiser built 1966 by Powles, Jack


built 1930 by Saunders Roe, Cowes, Isle of Wight

Captain Jack

Motor Yacht built 1950 by Broom & Sons, C J, Brundall


built 1938 by Miller, James N & Son Ltd, St Monans

City of Edinboro'

built 1884 by McCann, William, Hull

City of Norwich

Excursion built 1931 by Unknown


Motor Torpedo Boat built 1916 by Thornycroft, J I & Co Ltd, Hampton

National Historic Fleet


Ferro Concrete Barge built 1944 by Unknown

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Wherry yachts Norada and Hathor will be opening to visitors.

Historic Vessels to take part in Heritage Open Days

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