History of the Trust

Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust (WYCCT) takes care of the only surviving fleet of Norfolk wherries - Hathor, Olive, Norada and White Moth - and is the successor to the non-profit company Wherry Yacht Charter. You can read more about the wherries' history and current status here.

The Trust was established in 2002 to secure the future of the wherries and allow access to a wider range of funding opportunities. Its stated aims are to restore, maintain and preserve Hathor, Olive and Norada for public benefit, to foster skills related to these activities, and enable education on wherries' important historic and cultural importance in the Broads.

The original three wherries were acquired in 2004, following an award of £492,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) towards their purchase and restoration. In 2010 the HLF awarded a further £148,000 - however the entire award requires match funding at a ratio of approximately 2:1, that is, for every £2 raised and spent the Trust can claim £1 from the HLF money.

In 2012 the Trust acquired the use of White Moth for charter purposes, bringing a new source of much-needed income.

The Wherries

was out of the water from 2007-2009 and has had a great deal of work done on her structure, including hull frames, planking, counter-stern and tabernacle. This work has been inspected and passed, but to get to the hull it was necessary to remove most of her interior, which had to then be put back and restored where necessary.

As well as finishing the living accommodation to a standard suitable for charter, the electrical, gas and other systems must all meet current safety regulations - which can be something of a challenge on a historic vessel! On the outside, one of the larger tasks has been to replace the linoleum on the deck and coach roof. She is now operational for day, weekend and weekly charters.

is under restoration. Her hull was completed in March on the slipway and she is now in the wet shed for restoration for her decks and interior.

In late 2011 the Trust was allocated almost £60,000 in grant funding for Olive's restoration, with the daunting condition that funds have to be raised and spent in order to claim the funding. Nonetheless, they are working hard and will haveher sailing again in July 2013 for day charters.

retired after her 2009 Farewell Tour, not permanently but it will be some years until her restoration is complete. At the moment she
is under the covers at the boat base, at the end of the queue for restoration. In the meantime a £100,000 fundraising target is being raised. Her return will see the fleet complete once again, and will be the cue for a very large celebration!

White Moth
is privately owned, but will be operated by WYCCT
for charter purposes for the next three years, allowing them to earn much-needed income. She arrived in good sailing order and has had various changes made since her previous ownership, including lino on her coach roof, removal of her old NBYC mast colours, and a new vane to match her sisters. She has also been recently fitted with a steel keel and the noisy electric engine replaced by a much quieter one (to match her two sisters).

NEWS - Hathor nominated for Restoration of the Year category in the 2016 Classic Boat Awards, May 2016

This 6ft (17m) pleasure wherry was named after the Eqyptian goddess Hathor and has an incredibly ornate interior featuring hieroglyphs that cost £1,464 - two and a half times what it cost to build her bare hull.

 Source: Classic Boat, June 2016

NEWS - Sail on a Wherry Yacht this summer, June 2015

Celebrate Hathor’s return to sailing after restoration and White Moth’s centenary this year at a series of celebrations planned throughout the summer, as well as the usual programme of events.  Full details can be seen here.  Book your chance to join the crew onboard, or if you'd rather stay on shore, there are plenty of opportunities to chat to the volunteers and learn more about the vessels.

NEWS - Summer season 2014 gets underway, May 2014

There are several opportunities for guests to join public sailings, along with lots of fundraising events planned.  The full programme of summer activities is now available.  See here for further details.

NEWS - Hathor is relaunched after hull restoration, May 2014

After spending six months on the slipway, undergoing hull restoration, Hathor has finally been re-launched. The final stages of restoration included steaming some planks to fit them to some tricky curves, and then preparation and painting. She's now at the inner end of the boat shelter, ready for work to continue on everything outside from the planksheer upwards, and everything inside full stop. This of course includes her stunning Egyptian-themed inlaid woodwork.

Her official relaunch is planned for 2015, although there is no specific date as yet. 

Source: www.wherryyachtcharter.org

NEWS - Summer Season 2013

Following an intensive period of restoration, White Moth and Norada are available for day, weekend and weekly charters. On offer is a full range of opportunities to come on board the wherries, including: day trips and holiday charters; public sailings and viewings; sailings for friends; educational activities; corporate bookings. Olive will be undertaking day charters from July.

At her relaunch in July 2013 all three wherry yachts (the only three remaining on the Broads) will be sailing together for the first time in many years.

NEWS - New keel for White Moth - May 13

John Parker, of Big Sky Productions, is a talented videographer and has been capturing the ongoing work at the wherry base. For now, here is a fascinating piece he wrote about replacing White Moth's keel, with several instructive photographs.

She was the last remaining wherry without a steel keel, but this was remedied in the spring of this year to bring her up to modern standards. Full story here.



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