Originally built in 1864, the 70ft Essex smack Pioneer fell into decayafter alife spent dredging oysters in the North Sea. 

An audacious restoration project by the Pioneer Sailing Trust recovered the wreck in 1998 and restored her. 

Pioneer's new life as a sail training vessel can take up to 16 people and is used as a vehicle to facilitate learning skills and exploring new and adventurous terriorty whilst in a unique environment. 

The Trust has also maintained the boat building ethos by developing a specialist training skills facility at Harker's Yard, Brightlingsea where young Apprentices learn boat-building skills and develop essential values needed to seek future employment. 

Hundreds of young people benefit from their time at Pioneer Sailing Trust each year, whether on a sailing adventure, work experience in the boat yard, or an Apprenticeship. 

The Trust is passionate about developing and supporing young people through education and new experiences. 


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