North Sea Ring

The North Sea Ring is a new membership body which will involve the creation of a single network facilitating economic development and especially tourism, via the exchange of ideas, skills, personnel and students. The common theme/red thread will be the participant’s enjoyment, support for and participation in this vital and exciting cultural heritage of the North Sea region.

The Ring will be at the centre of a constellation of activities which reach broadly across Coastal culture, Small Island culture, and Maritime culture within the region. This will include fishing, transport of goods and people, history and tradition, education and educational exchange, local and regional identities, community-based tourism, regeneration initiatives, cultural heritage, community asset development and maritime culture in all its aspects.

What will membership provide?

  • Cooperation and mutual support
  • Sharing of each member’s cultural heritage and enhancing pride in their own
  • Discovery, exploitation and promotion of shared cultural links
  • Development of skills that will otherwise be lost
  • Practical learning and educational opportunities
  • Exchange opportunities for participants of all ages – and for the young in particular
  • Real and unique opportunities for hands on participation – activities, not interventions
  • Potential economic development and regeneration for small communities
  • Shared experience in cultural asset development
  • Development of national and international tourism
  • Development of tourism skills
  • Creation of national and international sailing and rowing competition

The first meeting of the North Sea Ring will be held at the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival in Portsoy on 26 June.  This will include a morning session to formalise the aims, objectives and structure of the Ring, followed by a seminar in the afternoon and a reception in the evening.  For more information, please visit the North Sea Ring website.

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