Brown Owl Class built 1935 by Silver, James A Ltd, Rosneath

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Brown Owl Class


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12.00 feet (3.66 metres)

54.23 feet (16.54 metres)

4.98 feet (1.52 metres)



ARDEOLA is a motor yacht built by James Silver at Rosneath in 1935. She was designed by John Bain as one of the Brown Owl II Class. Her hull is carvel built of teak on oak. She has a pointed bow and a raked straight stem with a cruiser stern. Her one deck has two timber masts for steadying sails only. The current engines are twin inboard Cummins diesels, model 4B3.9, with four cylinders and seventy horsepower. ARDEOLA served in the Second World War with the Royal Navy at Scapa Flow. Her hull underwent major renovation in 1995, along with the stem, three planks and the hoodends. The decks were also re-caulked and refastened.

Previous names

  1. 1935 – Sunflower II
  2. Byoris
  3. Enalios

Key dates

  1. 1935

    Launched as Sunflower II  She took the Gold medal in her class at the annual International Cruise to Brussels

  2. 1939-1945

    Taken up by the Royal Navy and served as a work/mail boat in Scapa Flow

  3. 1946

    Acquired by a Clyde yachtsman and extensively rebuilt by Fairlies Yard of Rosneath

  4. 1963

    Acquired by Hughie Green  She was re-engined and fitted with an early Decca Radar

  5. 1984

    New owner

  6. 1996

    New owner

  7. 1996-2011

    Based at Limehouse

  8. 2011

    Based on the River Dart

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