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CORRIE is in the Clyde 30 Linear Restricted Class and was built as an Edwardian gentleman’s racing yacht. Designed by William Fife II and built on the Clyde, her first owner was W C Collins who successfully raced her in the 8 metre class. Her rig was altered from gaff to Bermudan in 1910. She was bought by her current family owners in 1947 and moved to the Solent, and in 1998 an inboard engine was installed. Additionally the deck is now covered by fibreglass rather than canvas to protect the planking. Over the years she has raced extensively in the Solent and won the Cowes to Deauville Race overall in 1978. She was involved in the Americas Cup Regatta and participated in the races. CORRIE has also cruised widely to Spain, France and Holland and the family continue to race her on a regular basis. Source; David Newberry, Advisory Committee, December 2008


CORRIE is a classic racing yacht which is largely original and has survived with minimal modern intrusion. As a result she captures the conditions and atmosphere associated with racing large yachts in the early part of the 20th century and is a fitting reminder of the tradition of designing high quality racing yachts on the Clyde. William Fife II, the designer, was a member of the famous Fife family who designed and built racing yachts at their yard at Fairlie on the Clyde. William Fife I, his father, started the yard in the early 19th century and William Fife III, his son, became a renowned racing yacht designer who was widely regarded as the leading designer of his day. His classic yachts are still greatly sought after. CORRIE is a very attractive vessel with fine lines and is maintained to a very high standard, being a credit to her current owners.

Subsequent developments

2008: CORRIE was awarded a grant of £2750 to cover the costs of strengthening her bow and repairing her mast by the Strategic Development Fund of National Historic Ships.

Key dates

  1. 1908

    Vessel built by Robertsons, Dunoon

  2. 1910

    Rig altered from gaff to sloop

  3. 1947 Moved to Solent
  4. 1998

    Inboard diesel installed

  5. 2000

    Sailed to Brittany

  6. 2008

     Vessel’s centenary year

  7. 2009

      Relaunched on 3 July after restoration and maintenance work

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