Clyde Puffer built 1902 by Jacks, W & Co, Port Dundas.

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A true Clyde puffer, BASUTO was built in 1902 of steel by William Jacks & Co., Port Dundas, Scotland, for that company's own use on the Firth & Clyde canal. In 1919, she was sold to J. Kelly & Co., Belfast, a coal-merchant. In the 1920s, she was acquired by Cooper & Sons, of Widnes, and was converted into a dumb barge to carry sand and gravel. Later, she was purchased by the Manchester Dry Docks Ltd and was returned to steam with a new engine. Her boiler dates from 1961 and was manufacturerd by the Cradley Boiler Company. In 1981, she was acquired by the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port and placed on display there. Source: Paul Brown, Historic Ships The Survivors (Amberley, 2010), updated Feb 2011.

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Key dates

  1. 1902 Built in Port Dundas as a Clyde puffer
  2. 1902-1919 Worked on the Forth and Clyde canal
  3. 1919 Bought by a Belfast coal merchant to carry coal
  4. 1920s Acquired by merchant in Widnes and converted to a Dumb Barge to carry sand and gravel
  5. 1981 Acquired by the Boat Museum, Ellesmere Port
  6. Date unknown Bought by Manchester Dry Docks and returned to steam


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  2. 1975 Waterways World
  3. 1993 International Register of Historic Ships - Brouwer, Norman J
  4. 1994 Steamboat Register: An illustrated Register of surviving steam vessels in the British Isles
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