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ALBAQUILA was built in 1947 by William Osbourne of Littlehampton. She is a twin screw motor yacht of timber double diagonal construction with a diesel engine by Perkins of 120 hp. The vessel is said to have attended the Spithead Review of 1977. She is at present undergoing restoration in North East Scotland. Previously owned by Mr Peter Cousins who had both engines replaced in 1971 at Groves & Gutteridge of Cowes, Isle of Wight.

Subsequent developments

December 2010 Vessel has spent 2009 and 2010 at Liverpool Marina Boatyard Undertaking restoration by my husband David, who is a time served boat builder now semi retired. The problems unfolded as: follows the copper sheathing which was applied from new had badly corroded and also the nails we also found galvanic degradation around the nail holes, there was also some degradation on the waterline, this was stabilized a small number of new planks and thickened epoxy, The hull was then sheathed with byaxel glass cloth and epoxy top of boot line, after all seams were bonded with thickened epoxy. All threw hull fittings replaced over the sheathing, The decks leaked badly the solution was to replace lower side deck and re caulk the rest, we routed out all the seam with straight guides primed and sealed using bead breaker tape. The other big one was the cabin side join with deck Carlin which was rotten , The solution ,we adopted involved a new inner cabin Carlin thicker than the cabin and rebated at the top to take the cabin. The cabin doors have opened out on hinges we are changing them to sliding. It is hoped that the vessel will be on the water in 2011 in time for the Liverpool Boat Show. Source: current owners. December 2011 Hull and decks all restored, wheel house and aft cabin structure all restored; shower and aft cloak room restored, under water sections of copper sheathing removed and replaced with epoxy and biaxial glass cloth. All threw hull fittings have been serviced and or replaced, shafts and rudders serviced and repacked. Still need to overhaul the wiring, service the engine and interior varnish - aim to be on the water in Spring 2012. Source: current owners., December 2011.


The vessel is now afloat in Liverpool. March 2013

Key dates

  1. 1947

    Built by W Osborne of Littlehampton

  2. 2009

    Vessel transported to Liverpool for restoration at Liverpool Marina Boatyard

  3. 2011

    Hull and deck repaired

  4. 2016

    Albaquila won the prize for best motor boat yacht at the Peel Traditional Boat week end.

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