Bristol Channel

Shipshape Bristol Channel acts as a focal point bringing together the facilities in the Floating Harbour; boat building companies and specialist suppliers in Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire & South Wales; conservation expertise provided through the ss Great Britain and conservation contractors; Sharpness and Gloucester Docks; the museums, archives, and universities in Bristol, Gloucester, Swansea and Cardiff, as well as a range of vessels on the National Register of Historic Vessels.

There are 91 vessels in this area

There are 35 facilities in this area

There are 42 skills in this area

There are 22 people in this area

Region news headlines

Historical Walks: Bristol's Floating Harbour

Join M Shed's Volunteer Guides for an historical walk of Bristol's old docklands

Historic ship The Discovery to be Restored in Gloucester Dock

A historic ship is getting some much-needed repair work to some of its parts at a Gloucester…

Workshop Manager Wins Volunteering Award

Volunteer Rachel wins the South West category of the prestigious ‘Volunteers for Museum…

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